The past year has meant that more than ever, remote working has become a part of our society and workers are quickly learning that remote working isn’t as easy as it appears on paper. With faulty internet, a strew of constant interruptions (whether from partner, pets, or children), and the self-discipline needed, remote working can have you wanting to tug your hair out.

With companies quickly learning that a lot of time spent in the office was unnecessary, we don’t see remote working going away anytime soon. This past year has given companies the chance to try out a variety of different apps for remote working, using trial and error until they find the best ones. We’ve collected and compiled a list of the best tools for remote employees. These apps will help you tackle the difficulties of remote working and the many distractions that come with it!


Unfortunately, remote working doesn’t mean that face-to-face meetings have gotten taken out of the schedule. Zoom is the top resource used for video conferencing and communication by hundreds of companies. Businesses prefer Zoom to other video resources since it offers the most variety for users and has the most efficient tools. You can do video meetings, voice calls, webinars, messaging, and file sharing from Zoom.


The ranking champ of online communication for businesses, Slack is one of the most well-known and popular resources to date. This tool is specifically designed for teams, making communication easier than ever before. Slack allows you to create a variety of channels, adding team members to specific channels designated for their job. Team members also have the option to message in separate chats, allowing conversations outside of the topic to stay out of the channel.

Google Drive

You know what they say; an organized team is a productive team. And few things can keep your team as organized and synced with one another as Google Drive. You can keep all your documents organized in the cloud, separating them into different folders, and share a link with others, regardless of whether or not they have a Gmail account. The best part? Did we already mention that everything will automatically save while you work on it? With Google Drive staying organized has never been easier!


Saving files can be a hassle, but with Dropbox, it doesn’t have to be. Let’s just say that, once you use Dropbox there’s no going back. You can find everything, tools, files, and content all in one easily accessible place. If you work with clients, its easy to share a drop box link for downloading and collaborating on a file. Dropbox is one of the most well-known tools for companies that have a team working from home since it simplifies communication and storing files.


Distractions get in the way while working from home more than anything else. The constant bother of children, pets, and simply all those at home distractions always get in the way. But more than that, sometimes electronics can be the biggest culprit of all when it comes to ruining productivity and your workflow. TVs and our smartphones can be the biggest distraction of all, with apps that are literally made to encourage you to return. With Freedom, you can devote time to your work and stay on top of your workflow distraction-free! Freedom works by blocking out social media, video, and shopping websites allowing you to stay focused and get more done.


ProofHub is the app that will make sure your team is never late for a deadline again and everyone knows what’s on their to-do list. Think of this app as an online planner for your team, with each day’s schedule listed out. With ProofHub, you can draft to-do lists for team members, discuss plans with team members and put important deadlines on a calendar. Basically, ProofHub will ensure that your team’s all on the same page and on top of their schedule.


The ultimate planning app, Asana is the number one resource if you’re looking for an app that will help you with organizing your team. This one platform can allow you to schedule, plan, and collaborate with your team from one interface. Asana has over 100 integrations that make keeping your team on the same page easier than ever before! And Asana is available on multiple devices so you can always stay connected even when you’re on the go.


Notes are an important part of businesses for every team member, whether it’s jotting down quick to-do lists or thoughts. Evernote provides a variety of tools that make it stand out from the other note-taking resources available. Evernote has a collection of key tools, including a variety of formatting options and you can include audio, PDFs, and documents to your notes. This way you can customize your notes until they’re exactly what you’re looking for.  Keep your desktop clutter-free of sticky notes and journals with Evernote.


Ever feel like time is speeding by faster than you can keep track of? Like you’re spending hours and hours of precious time on one task and not accomplishing enough during your days? Toggl will show you just how much time you’re spending on those tasks that seem to be taking up your entire day. This app was specifically designed for remote workers, with the idea being to track time and make sure that team members are getting paid fairly for the amount of work that they’re doing.


Have you ever wished that your apps could talk to each other? Well now they can with Zapier. Zapier works by integrating the apps that you and your team use every day. Basically, you can create Zaps to automate all your common and repetitive tasks especially those that require using multiple applications. With Zapier, you can automate pretty much anything that’s done repeatedly and doesn’t need to be customized. If you want to relieve your team of unnecessary duties while saving time, then Zapier is the resource for you.