Whether you work from home or are just trying to escape your office cubicle for a bit, you know that working outdoors sounds like nirvana. However, it comes with a caveat; sun glare. Taking your laptop outside to spend time in nature means you get to leave your stifling office space, but the glare from the sun can make your laptop screen unreadable and wreak havoc on your eyes.

Follow these top 6 tips for using your laptop in the sun:

  1. Invest in a laptop shade

This is your best bet for concealing your laptop from the sun and reducing glare on your screen. Laptop shades are light, easy to set up and portable, so when you’re sick of working on your outdoor deck, bring it poolside with you.

Getting a laptop sun shade will guarantee your screen will be without glare. It is essentially a tent for your laptop. Your laptop will sit deep within the black-lined shade, you’ll be able to see your entire screen without eye strain, it is foldable so you can bring it anywhere, and there are pockets and openings for cords, your smartphone and other office devices.

Bonus points: You can get a tan while getting work done.


  1. Find the shade

If you’re escaping the office to head to the park, the shade will be easy to find. Park yourself and your laptop under a tall tree, stay cool and enjoy the beauty of nature while you’re on the clock.

A shaded area will definitely reduce sun glare on your laptop screen, and it will prevent it from overheating. You’ll also be able to reduce the risk of sunburn. If you work from home, it may be tough to find a shaded area on your deck, balcony, or by the pool, but this is a great option for a comfortable outdoor working experience.

  1. Increase your laptop screen brightness

Fight bright with brightness. Some laptops come with an auto-brightness adjustor, but if yours doesn’t you can increase your screen brightness to make it easier to see when working outside in direct sunlight.

Your smartphone’s auto-brightness indicator is a great example, when you’re inside it automatically lowers the brightness, but when you go outside the screen gets brighter and becomes easier to see.

You can typically increase your screen brightness by using one of your f-numbers at the top of your keyboard. Find the icon that looks like the sun and increase it. However, if you can’t find a screen brightness keyboard shortcut, open your laptop PC settings or Mac system preferences.

Increasing your screen brightness will cause your laptop to use more energy and lower your battery life, so ensure it is fully charged before heading outdoors.

  1. Sit facing the sun

This is a simple and obvious tip to reducing sun glare on your laptop screen. If the sun isn’t behind you, it won’t create as much glare. When you sit facing the sun, the back of your laptop provides a bit of a barrier for you. A pro tip for this is to wear dark clothing. If you wear white or light-colored clothing, the sun can still bounce glare onto your screen. You can also use the screen brightness tip above.

  1. Purchase an outdoor-optimized laptop or anti-glare screen protector

If you know your job will require you to work outdoors daily, a great option for you is to purchase a laptop that is optimized for the elements. Glossy laptop screens increase glare and eyestrain.

Choosing a laptop that has a matte screen or searching phrases such as “enhanced outdoor laptops” are top tips. Unfortunately, models you prefer may only come with a glossy finish, such as Apple Macs. Anti-glare screen protectors are available to buy and attach to your screen, much like you would with a smartphone.

  1. Wear polarized sunglasses

 Wearing sunglasses is a convenient option for reducing the strain your eyes will endure from sun glare on a laptop, but ensure they are polarized. Polarized sunglasses don’t darken light, instead, they block glare and are best suited for outdoor laptop use. Unfortunately, some laptop screens also use polarizers, so this can make it difficult to see your screen, but with the right laptop, this is an easy choice.

Using these six tips can help you reduce glare and eyestrain issues you may have with your laptop screen. They will enhance your experience while working outdoors and make you more productive, all while enjoying the beautiful spring, summer and fall days. Working from home or in a cubicle doesn’t mean you have to be locked to your 6×6 cubicle or office chair, so get outside and enjoy your profession.