Use these focus apps and websites when distractions are always everywhere when working especially from home. There are frequent calls, notifications on our mobile devices, noises from your surroundings, pets, children, spouses, the urge to visit distracting websites, and social media. All these can eat into your work day, making you unproductive.

Finding yourself struggling with work and unable to keep yourself focused? If you struggle with daily distractions while working from home, fear not because there are productivity apps that can help you concentrate. When you improve your focus, you will get more done in a shorter amount of time. This boost in productivity can help improve your overall work/life balance and make you a better employee or entrepreneur. Below are the eight best productivity apps for staying focused while working.


Calls and notifications on your mobile device can be a big distraction when working. The OFFTIME app provides two essential features, namely, app blocking and blacklist management. These features help you eliminate phone distractions and increase productivity.

The internet and app blocking feature allows you to block calls, apps, and texts on your phone so you to focus on what really matters. The blacklist management feature, on the other hand, lets you decide which things you want to block during your work day and which things you want to allow. OFFTIME has different modes for family, personal, and work, making it a versatile app that can even help you and your family spend more quality time together.

2. Focus

Just as the name indicates, Focus enables you to concentrate on your work by getting rid of both offline and online distractions. The app allows you to schedule your focusing intervals, during which you can block distracting apps and websites. Whenever you try accessing the blocked sites or apps, the app shows you an inspirational quote to motivate you to go back to work.

For users who like bypassing blockers, Focus takes an extra step to offer you the hardcore mode.  During the period you’ve set the timers and schedules, the hardcore mode makes it impossible to change or turn off the timers. This means all blocked resources remain inaccessible.

3. Brain.FM

If outside distractors such as noise affect your productivity, then can sort you out. This music app uses artificial intelligence to come up with music meant for the brain to enhance focus, meditation, and to enjoy some sleep time.

All you have to do is choose your ideal mode, put on your headphones, and embark on your tasks. You’ll realize you work faster, and noisy distractions are no longer a concern.

4. Freedom

Freedom is a productivity app that works on Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and even as a browser extension for Chrome.  The app allows you to eliminate distractions by blocking emails, select apps, and websites e.g., social media sites.

Creators of this app also believe that multitasking significantly reduces productivity by up to 40%, so there’s an advanced scheduling feature only available for Freedom’s premium users. This feature allows you to schedule sessions and focus on one task at a time.

5. Forest

If you are an environmentalist or plant lover, then Forest should be your go-to productivity app. The concept of the app is to plant a tree and ensure it does not die. When you start working, you’re essentially planting a tree. As you focus on the task at hand, the tree continues to grow.

Whenever you shift to another distracting app before completion of the focus time, the tree dies. On the other hand, the tree grows to maturity if you manage to focus on your task to the end without distractions.

You can grow various tree species and set a focus time for each, which could range from 10 to 120 minutes. Ideally, you can set several focus times (growing trees) for a single task. At the end of the week, you’ll have a forest that will help you determine your focus rate. A flourishing forest means you spent your time constructively, while a dead forest translates into wasted time.

6. Escape

Escape lets you know the amount of time you spend on distracting apps and websites during the day. The app tracks how many times you open your email or visit a social network or any other distracting site. It also estimates the amount of time you spent on each distraction.

At the end of the day, Escape gives you a report of which apps or sites distract your workflow the most and the time you spent in each. This can assist you in adjusting your focus during working hours.

7. Simple Habit

Time and again, research has shown that meditation significantly enhances productivity. Simple Habit is an interesting expert-approved app that can help you incorporate meditation into your daily work.

The app has a seven-day beginner meditation course and meditation timers that you can take advantage of. Whether you’re working at home or in the office, Simple Habit can help you relieve stress and achieve more in your work. Moreover, it has a premium version that provides you with additional meditation for different aspects of your life.

8. Off the Grid

If your phone is your primary distractor, Off the Grid is the ideal productivity app for staying focused while working. This android app allows you to block your phone for some time. During that time, you cannot use the phone. But in case you decide you want to use it when the app is still activated, you’ll have to part with $1. Losing money every time you get distracted is a great motivator for staying away from the phone.


Eliminating distractions is the surefire way to stay productive at work. The best productivity apps that have been outlined above should help you get rid of disruptions and assist your mind focusing on the task at hand. Get an app that meets your needs and increases your productivity. Do you have a focus app not mentioned above that works best for you? Let us know!