Best Laser Printers for Macbook Pro

If you are looking for something that prints quickly and is AirPrint compatible it's overwhelming to find the perfect fit for your home office that is a top-rated option for your Mac.

For wireless printing, you will want to make sure that it can use AirPrint so it fits seamlessly into your home network.  

Color Vs. Black and White (Monochrome) Printing

Another factor you will want to consider is color printers vs. black and white.  Color printers useful if your print jobs require the vibrancy and style of color, however, they can be more costly.  The toner price can add up over the years as well.

If your print jobs are text, consider a black and white laser printer.  These are more cost effective, print quickly,  and the toner is cheaper.

Fax and Scan Options.

Multifunctional printers can be useful because you will not have to purchase separate devices to perform fax and scanning functions.  All-in-One printers can be more costly, but worth the cost if these are things you are going to be doing more often.

Print Resolution

If you are someone that wants to create art with your printer, you will want to pay attention to the print resolution.  For DPI you will want a higher number because this means the print quality will be higher resolution.