Best Laptop Sun Shade for MacBook

If you’ve ever tried working outdoors on a laptop, you know sun glare off the computer screen is a big hurdle you have to overcome. Thankfully, with the right laptop hood sun shade you can get away from your office and enjoy some fresh air while getting work done. 

Eliminates Sun Glare

The most obvious thing you’re looking to solve when you purchase a laptop shade is the sun glare on your computer screen while working outdoors. You’ll want to purchase a sun shade that completely encloses your laptop and has an anti-reflective coating on the inside.

Fits Laptops of All Sizes

Laptops come in all shapes and sizes, and you might have multiple models around your home. You’ll want to find a laptop shade that is adjustable or large enough to fit laptops of all sizes because who knows what size computer you will upgrade to in the future.

Easy to Transport

Because you’ll be heading out of the office to a park, deck, patio or the pool, you’ll want a laptop hood that is easy to transport. Most are foldable and some even fold into their own carrying case.

Protection from the Elements

Mother Nature is unpredictable. If you work with your laptop on-site daily, for example if you’re a photographer, you’ll want to find a laptop shade that also helps protect your computer from rain and dust.