Best Headphone Stands for Beats

If you’re a Mac user, then you’re likely rocking a pair of Beats over-ear headphones for your music listening or video editing experience. Beats headphones are the highest standard in the market and provide premium audio clarity and noise-blocking technology. It’s time to find the best headphone holder that is as stylish and amazing as your Beats.

We’ll help narrow down what to look for in a favorite headphone stand.


As a MacBook user, you prefer sleek, stylish products. Your headphone stand should go well with the clean, modern aesthetics of your Mac. Finding a headphone stand that is luxurious should be your top priority, and there are many affordable options to choose from.


Do you want your headphones out of sight or displayed prominently on your desk for all to see? If you own a pair of Beats, you might want to let the world know with a stylish headphone stand on your desk next to your Mac. However, maybe you don’t have the desk space for it, and that’s where a wall or under-desk headphone mount will come in handy.

Sturdy Base

At the end of your music jamming session, you’ll need a headphone stand that has a strong, sturdy base that you can hang your valuable Beats on. Find one that is made of high-grade aluminum, and a non-slip rubber on the bottom would be a plus.

Adjustable Height

Customization is key. Maybe you aren’t a Beats user and need your headphone holder to stand taller or shorter. Finding a headphone stand with adjustable height will allow you to customize your space as you see fit.


A headphone stand doesn’t have to just hold your headphones. You can find a multifunctional stand with USB ports that you can use to charge your other Apple products, such as iPhone, iPad, AirPods, or Apple Watch.

Here are the top headphone stands for Beats and Mac users.