Best Bluetooth Wireless Mouse for MacBook

Finding the best Bluetooth wireless mouse for Mac all depends on your preferences. If you are looking to upgrade from the flat design of the Apple Magic Mouse, there are several other Bluetooth options available. You’ll want to analyze the different designs and functionalities they each have. We’ll help identify the rechargeable Bluetooth mouse options for Mac, no wires or USB ports needed.


If you sit at a computer for your job all day every day, regular computer mice can lead to wrist pain and tendinitis from repeated use and movements. The computer mouse is an essential piece to your work experience, navigating between browsers, menus, and programs. Ensure you find an ergonomic mouse that will lessen the strain on the muscles and tendons in your hand, wrist and elbow.


If you’re an employee who spends their day bouncing between a MacBook and iMac for different functions, you’ll want a mouse that has cross-computer control. A triple productivity multi-device computer mouse allows you to control three separate devices at one time.  


The vertical computer mouse has completely transformed the computer mice design. The vertical design makes this mouse more ergonomic, comfortable and functional than the computer mice you’re used to, but it can take a bit of time to ditch your old scrolling and clicking habits. The vertical mouse keeps your hand in a more natural position and provides lasting comfort.


An ambidextrous computer mouse is symmetrical, so right and left-handed users get the same benefits. Ambidextrous mice typically have accessible, programmable buttons on both sides, and are best suited for gaming left-handers. These computer mice allow for reconfiguration and assignment of the macro functions you tend to use. 

LED Fun 

Spice up your office or gaming experience with a computer mouse with backlit LEDs. The traditional computer mouse is dull and boring. Have a little fun, get compliments, and wow your friends and coworkers.


Inexpensive computer mice are basic with no bells and whistles, which means the quality can suffer. Be sure to read reviews to find a budget mouse that is reliable and simple to use.  

No computer mouse is one size fits all to every individual user’s preferences. Using this information you can find the computer mouse that is the most comfortable, useful or stylish… or all three in one.