Best Apple Screwdriver Kit for MacBook, iPad and iPhone

If you’re a technician or hobbyist who needs professional tools to fix Apple products, such as iPhone, iPad and MacBook, then you’ll need a screwdriver kit with bits of all shapes and sizes.

You may notice that the screw heads on your MacBook or iPhone aren’t something you see daily. In 2009, Apple introduced the rare pentalobe screw in its 15-inch MacBook Pro.  Since then they have adopted this screw head across their entire line of products.

The pentalobe is a five-pointed, flower-shaped screw. This screw seems to be easier to strip out than other screws, so use caution when fixing your Apple products.

If you are looking for a screwdriver kit for your MacBook, iPad or iPhone, you will want to ensure the pentalobe screwdriver is included. These were much harder to find when Apple first introduced this screw head, but now you can easily find a kit containing everything you need.

Penatlobe screwdrivers are commonly shown in P-sizes. iPhone’s use P2 and the MacBook Pro and Air use P5. There is one instance of the P6 used in the 2019 15-inch MacBook Pro battery. 

Below are the top-rated screwdriver sets for Apple.