Best Anti Glare Screen Protector for Mac

The glossy finish of Mac screens might have your fatigued eyes searching for the best anti-glare screen protector for Mac on Amazon. If your office is by a large window or under harsh fluorescent lighting, you are likely noticing a lot of glare, reflection and eyestrain. 

Overexposure to glare on your Mac can lead to dry eyes, blurred vision, headaches and even neck and shoulder pain. Reducing glare on your computer laptop screen is as easy as purchasing a Mac anti-glare protector that transforms your glossy screen to matte.

If you can no longer tolerate the bright glare on your computer screen, we have you covered with the best anti-glare screen protectors for Macs of all sizes. You also have the option of purchasing screens that filter blue light, add privacy, and hang from the computer instead of attaching directly to the screen.

How to Measure Your Mac Screen

If you aren't sure which size Mac screen you have, it is easy to measure. You can either click the Apple logo at top of your screen and select "About This Mac", or you can simply measure the diagonal length of your screen from the top left corner to the bottom right corner. Measure only your screen and not the frame around it.