The Best Laptop Hood Sun Shades

Sun glare, weather and privacy are the biggest faults you can find when working on your laptop in public outdoors. Sometimes it’s impossible to see your screen due to the sun’s glare or you may need to protect your equipment from wind, rain and dust. To help you figure out the laptop shade that is best suited for your needs, we’ve selected the best options and their included perks.   

Best Overall Laptop Sun Shade

Vatalyst $59.99 + free shipping

The Vatalyst laptop shade does it all; lightweight, foldable into its own carrying case and easy to transport? Check. Blocks sun glare and adds privacy? Check. Fits all sizes of laptops up to 15.4 inches? Check. Protects the laptop from outdoor elements? Check.

While most sunshades do one or two of those things, the laptop shade from Vatalyst is an all-in-one laptop hood, so you can comfortably see your computer screen while working outdoors without glare.

Bonus features: Easy side access for cables and cords, dual interior side pockets, privacy hood and non-slip bottom.


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Best Portable Laptop Sun Shade for Traveling

Philbert Design $54.99 + free shipping

The sun shade from Philbert Design is designed to fit around only the top cover of your laptop. This makes it easy to transport and easy to set up. While most other laptop shades also fold into themselves, they can be too large and bulky to carry on a plane, train or automobile. 

Since this laptop hood only covers the computer screen, you also have easier access to your keyboard. The side extensions make this a great laptop sun screen option for travelers who are also looking for privacy. One caveat is that it only first 13”-14” laptop screens.


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Best Less Expensive Laptop Sun Shade

Glare Stomper $28.95 + $5.49 shipping

Looking for an inexpensive laptop sun shade that reduces glare on your laptop screen? Try this Glare Stomper shade. The visor attaches to the outside of your laptop cover via Velcro and fits virtually all 11-to-17-inch laptop computers. It remains attached to your laptop and is easy to fold up when you are finished working.


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Best Laptop Sun Shade for Photographers

Vatalyst $59.99 + free shipping

If you’re a photographer or videographer who shoots and edits on location, you know just how big of a nuisance sun glare and mother nature can be on your laptop. As a professional, you need to be able to tell exactly whether your camera ISO, shutter speed and aperture are set correctly, and having your laptop completely shaded from the sun will help ensure you catch any flaws.

A huge perk of the Vatalyst laptop hood is that it has easy access openings in the shade’s side to attach your power cord, external hard drives, and any other photography cords and cables you may need plugged into your laptop.

The Vatalyst laptop shade comes with a pullover head cover for protection from extreme conditions, blocks out sun glare 100%, and gives you additional privacy.


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Best Heavy-Duty Laptop Sun Shade

SKB iSeries $264.99 + free shipping

This is the best heavy-duty waterproof laptop case on the market. If you’re looking for complete protection from the elements, work in the military, outdoors in construction, on-site for videography or photography or any other intensive job that needs complete protection for your laptop, this is the case for you.

This military-standard hard waterproof case has custom interiors to accommodate audio/video products, holds laptops up to 17 inches, is collapsible and blocks sun glare. This laptop shade also comes with a stand, so you can set it up in any location.


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