How to Find The Right Charger for Your MacBook

When purchasing a replacement charger or power adapter for your MacBook Pro or MacBook Air, it is critical that you find the one that is made specifically for your laptop.  If you select the wrong charger with incorrect wattage it will not work as efficiently.  

The first thing that you will want to do is  find the model number of your MacBook.  You will want this to ensure that you are purchasing the model of charger that is made for your specific MacBook.

There are two things that will help you know if you have the right charger. The first thing is the type of connector.  There are 3 types of connectors dating back to 2006.  

The L Connector

L Connector for macbook charger

The T Connector or 'MagSafe' Connector


USB-C Connector

usb-c connector macbook charger

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The other attribute that you need to make sure is correct will be the wattage of the charger.  A charger with the correct wattage will ensure that your charger's performance will be optimized and compatible with your laptop.  The wattage can vary from 29W all the way to 100W depending on the model of MacBook that you have. 

For USB-C power adapters, you will need the correct USB-C charging cable as well.  The charging cables will have a serial number on them.

  • If the serial number starts with C4M or FL4 then the cable is fur use with a USB-C charger up to 61W
  • If the serial number starts with DLC, CTC, FTL or G0J then the cable is for use with a power adapter up to 100W.

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MacBook Model Number(s) Charger Name Charger Model #
A2179 30W USB-C MY1W2AM/A
A1932 30W USB-C MY1W2AM/A
A1466, A1369 45W MagSafe 2 MD592LL/A
A1465, A1370 45W MagSafe 2 MD592LL/A
A2141 96W USB-C MX0J2AM/A
A1990, A1707 87W USB-C MNF82LL/A
A2289, A2251 61W USB-C MRW22LL/A
A1989, A1708, A1706, A2159 61W USB-C MRW22LL/A
A1398 85W MagSafe 2 MD506LL/A
A1502, 1425 60W Magsafe 2 MD565LL/A
A1534 29W USB-C MR2A2LL/A
A1286 85W MagSafe MD506LL/A
A1278 60W Magsafe 2 MD565LL/A


Look on Your Charger

If you have your existing charger, your best bet is to look on the power adapter itself and find the wattage and connector type.  You will see this printed on the top of the white power brick in gray text.  This is the best way to be sure you are purchasing the correct power adapter for your MacBook.  

power adapter type


Now you should have located the right charger for your MacBook.  This can be a confusing task but hopefully this article has helped you find the correct unit for your laptop.  If you have any questions feel free to reach out to us via this website or on Facebook.  


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