5 of the Best Vertical Laptop Stands for Your MacBook

vertical laptop stand

Vertical laptop stands are quickly becoming an essential element in a work from home office space.  Vertical stands save more space than horizontal stands since the computer is standing up when it is placed inside the stand.  Additionally, the vertical stands tend to be better for keeping the laptop at a cooler temperature since the bottom is the laptop is not setting against a surface and air is allowed to flow freely around the laptop.  

An overlooked benefit to laptop stands is that they also keep your expensive computer safe and out of the way of spilled liquids.

Enough about that, let's get into the stands that are the best options for your home office!

Most Stylish

NUOV Vertical Laptop Stand for desk

wooden vertical laptop standThis wooden laptop stand has a unique polygonal design that will add some character to your workspace.  It has a bottom knob that allows the two sides to open and shut so you can adjust it to the appropriate width.  The bottom of the stand includes a silica gel that will prevent scuffing or scratches on your desk surface.

The natural look and surface material of this stand would also allow you to paint or convert it to a color that would match your decor. 

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Best for Airflow

Twelve South BookArc For Macbook

macbook laptop standIf your goal is keeping your Macbook cool, the BookArc is the best choice for you.  One caveat is that it is designed especially for the width of a Macbook so if you have a competing brand of laptop you will want to consider different options.  The BookArc also comes in space gray and silver so you can match the color of your laptop.  

The BookArc is a sleek and stylish laptop stand that that will keep your desk organized.  The cables can flow through the bottom, through the convenient cable catch, so you can keep them from cluttering different areas of your desk.


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Most Flexible

Urbo Zee Vertical + Adjustable Laptop Stand

If you want to have some options as far as size, you will want to go with an adjustable vertical laptop stand.  This option from Urbo Zee is adjustable from .39 tgray vertical laptop stando 1.5 inches.  This stand also includes a cable catch for cable management.  The base of the stand is also a textured rubber to keep the stand from sliding or scratching your desktop surfaces. We found the overall aesthetic to be the least appealing out of all the stands we looked at, however, this one was the best balance of cost and features.

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Best Multifunctional Vertical Laptop Stand

Kavalan Design Vertical Laptop Stand Dock

This wooden laptop stand is also made to hold your phone and a pen. This stand could be ideal to house an iPad pro and an Apple Pencil if that is a part of your everyday workflow. The Kavalan is adjustable and suits laptops from .55 inches towooden adjustable vertical laptop stand 1.14 inches. The adjustment happens with two screws at the base of the stand. If airflow and cable management our key factors in your decision, this is not your choice. However, if you are looking for an affordable multifunctional well-constructed wooden vertical laptop stand, this is a solid choice.

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Best Overall Design

Rain Design mTower Vertical Laptop Stand for MacBook Pro and MacBook Air

This design is styled to look seamless when next to an Apple monitor or iMac display. The functional and sturdy one-piece anodized aluminum looks like it fits vertical stand for macbooksright in with Apple's flagship product line. It also has an asymmetrical feel that is interesting, but not in a weird way, that will cause it to stand out. This stand is not only stylish, but it is functional as well. The thick pads on the stand itself allow air to flow freely between the stand and the laptop.  The only negative here is that it is suited only for MacBooks and if you have a different brand of computer, you will have to choose a different option.

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