The summer months are short-lived and will come and go before we know it. With summer’s arrival comes the opportunity to mix up your remote workspace. Warm air, an occasional cool breeze, and unlimited Vitamin D – what more could any of us want?

But how can you make the most out of your remote outdoor workspace? Sure, you have a lawn chair, laptop, sunglasses, and sunscreen, but what else do you need?

Before you settle into your outdoor space, keep one eye on the weather and the other searching for the perfect spot. You’ll want to make sure you have a quiet spot that avoids interruptions from your chatty neighbor, and you want to make sure you don’t get caught in an impromptu rainstorm.

When you’re ready to trade in your office desk for a backyard office, make sure you snag these 10 items below to ensure you are the most efficient and productive!

1.) Wi-Fi extender

When you’re working outside, there’s a chance that your home network won’t have as strong of a signal as you’re used to. A Wi-Fi extender uses your main router and then casts a wider net of internet coverage. It may not be as fast as if you were sitting inside, but you’ll still be able to ping your colleagues, check emails, and use the web.

2.) Backup power that is easily accessible

We all try to remember to make sure all our devices are fully charged, but workdays can be long. And a workday can quickly be turned upside down if your laptop dies.

First, check your surroundings. Are there any power outlets by you? If you don’t see any, grab a portable charger (Mophie has a bunch of terrific options!) that can provide your laptop with up to 14 extra hours of life! If a battery pack isn’t what you’re looking for, you can also opt for an extension cord to help you reach an outlet. Whatever works for you and your setup!

3.) A comfortable chair

If you truly hope to turn the great outdoors into your new remote space, you’ll need to keep in mind that a typical workday is 8 hours long. Because of that, you’ll want to be comfortable and will want to trade in your foldable or Adirondack chair, for a comfier option.

There are endless options out there! Chaise lounges have cushions and are already positioned in a seated position, often with weather-resistant fabric. Or, you can just grab new cushions to sit on because sitting on a folding chair for a long time isn’t ever comfortable!

4.) A desk setup that is suitable for outside

backyard officeNow that you have a chair, you’ll need somewhere to put your laptop. A balcony table is a perfect solution when you have a more compact workspace. All you need is a sturdy railing to get set up and when you’re finished working, you can just fold it down for the day! On the other hand, if you envision sitting in a chaise lounge for your workday, you can opt for a lap desk for your laptop. This will keep your laptop propped up and has room for other items too!

5.) Outdoor bookends

If your work requires you to constantly have manuals, binders, books, and notepads on hand, you will want to find a suitable pair of bookends to hold your work materials. Placing your work materials on a rolling cart with a pair of outdoor-friendly bookends, will make rolling your office outside easy and convenient.

6.) Portable fan

Sure, there is the occasional breeze, but the sun is typically the hottest right in the middle of your standard office hours. You don’t want to feel like you are in the middle of a desert while you are working. There are portable fan options that are battery-operated, flexible, and quiet. You can hook these on to almost anything around you! Plus, having a fan can even help repel mosquitoes and bugs and can serve as white noise for you as you work!

7.) A laptop shade

When you are trying to work alongside the sun’s glare, you are likely struggling to see. Having a glare is bad for the eyes, causing eyestrain, which results in headaches and reduced productivity. Sunlight can also make your laptop overheat which reduces your laptop’s battery life. For your laptop, you can consider purchasing a laptop sunshade that blocks the glare and fits around most laptops. You’ll be able to see even when the sun is at its strongest and brightest during the day! You can also choose to work in an area with shade – such as under a tree, under an umbrella on your patio, or somewhere else in your yard.

8.) A suitable evening setup

Remote work allows us to have flexibility in our workday hours. Even though the sun takes longer to set, there will still be a change in your natural lighting once the late afternoon hits. You can opt for smart lights that you can control on your phone, so your workflow isn’t interrupted by having to get up and turn on your outdoor lights. Or, you can make sure the lights you have outside illuminate your work enough so you can see and aren’t working in the dark.

9.) Bug repellant

Bugs come out the most at nighttime and swatting mosquitos away can very quickly ruin your night. Buy a mosquito repellant lantern to keep your area mosquito-free. The lanterns work better than citronella candles and if you switch it on before you get started working and then leave it on while you work, it’ll be the most effective. You can of course opt for bug spray but who wants to have that sprayed all over them?

10.) Noise canceling headphones

The great outdoors can get loud. You may love nature, but the sound of the neighbor’s lawn mower or passing cars isn’t exactly what you had in mind when you setup an outdoor office. A quality pair of noise canceling headphones can block out pesky noises. You can even use them to play the nature sounds that you were hoping to hear when you ventured outside to work.

Setting up a backyard office

Everyone’s needs are different but with a setup that works for you, you’ll be asking your boss every summer if you can spend your summers working remotely! Take advantage of the longest days of the year and let us know if there are any additions that we didn’t think of – we’d love to hear from you!